How to use the Editor

The editor is where you will be spending most of the time as you write, so here are the main concepts you need to know:

  • use forward slash / when you want to add a block. There are four categories:
    1. Basic - with multiple blocks that help you format the document
    2. Media - use these to import files, images, embed Youtube or Vimeo videos
    3. Developer - you will be using these when you write software documentation because you will
    4. find
      • ο»ΏMulti language code editor
      • ο»ΏMermaid diagrams
      • ο»ΏAPI Endpoints
      • ο»ΏOpenAPI / Swagger Block
      • ο»ΏGraphQLο»Ώ
    5. Embed - most of our integrations work inside the editor. You can add embeds from other tools like Loom, Figma, Miro, Lucidcharts and more. Check the Integrations page.
  • write using Markdown shortcuts and check the list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + /
  • use the formatting options on each piece of text when you highlight or double-click.
  • start Using @ Mentions and Dynamic Links after you add more documents to link between them.

Copy-pasting text will maintain the formatting, and you can add images this way (instead of importing them).


Also, when you paste markdown, the editor will automatically recognize it and render the format.



Updated 11 Jul 2022
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