External Links

This feature is available on these plans: βœ”οΈ Scaling βœ”οΈ Enterprise

External links are a way to wire your current space with different external resources like, Home, Sign Up page, etc.

They show up in the top right corner if any are set on the current space.

How to set up External Links

  1. Click on the gear icon βš™οΈ for settings, then go to the External Links tab, under SITE LINKS section
  2. Start building the External Links:
    1. Add a label (e.g., Sign Up, Home)
    2. Add URL
    3. Click Add
  3. Repeat the add the process, until you add all your desired External Links
  4. Exit the Space Settings window, and publish the space, and they'll be propagated
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Once published you will be able to see the changes on public spaces. Here's how it looks for your readers:

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Updated 06 Jul 2022
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